Sun City Cards
“Honey! They Were Such Nice People...
Do You Remember Their Names?”

We all have done this. If you are like us, perhaps quite often. We meet and talk to interesting people and then promptly forget their names? Check out these “personal cards” that may help us to remember. We will provide you with camera ready copy with your name and contact numbers at a very good price... FREE !
You can have them printed wherever you wish… and get your free layout order in right away and 
have some fun with them.

81369 Camino Los Milagros
Indio, CA 92203
Bob 760-668-2975
CalBRE 01889940
Carol 760-902-5776
CalBRE 00906595

There is an incredible wealth of amazing and diverse people living in Sun City. Many have lived a lifetime contributing to business, society, and our collective legacy in interesting ways. Many are blessed with amazing “talents”, enriching our lives with the arts and entertainment. Many are the pillars of our society, teaching and nurturing the next generation. All, however, have contributed their most valuable possession...their time! Lets get to know one’s well worth our time.

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Below you will find copies of the 6 styles currently available for your complimentry "camera ready card layout". Instructions on how to order follow these samples.
How to Order
Email the following info to: 

1. Your Name(S). Suggest using nicknames (friendlier)
2. Phone Number Either home or cell number.
3. Email Address (We will email the proof to you on completion).
4. Your House Address (Optional). 
5. Number of your card selection 1 2 3 4 5 6
6. Two individuals in the same household can have separate cards.
7. Cards for 2 people can have separate Email addresses and separate phone numbers but because of space, some other verbiage may need to be deleted, such as some of the “Elder Humor” perhaps.
8. Feel free to delete any of the verbiage you don’t want included. (Just let us know)
9. Please share this with your partners, neighbors, and friends.
10. Because these are individually done there may be slight differences between the samples above and the finished layout.

What You Get!
We will provide you with camera ready copy with your name and contact information. You can have them printed wherever and whenever you have a bit of fun with them! We can give you the names and addresses of several online printing companies if you wish. 
Many online printers provide very inexpensive card printing and you can order small quantities. Check online for yourself.

​Darby Realty is not responsible for errors in spelling and/or layout of cards. You will be sent a "proof" of the card layout for your approval in a pdf file. Please carefully review the information for errors and return to us with any corrections needed. You will be sent the final copy via email in a pdf file that virtually all printing companies can use.

If you do not wish to receive emails from Darby Realty reply to this message with "remove" in the subject line.

It is not our intention to solicit curent listings of other brokers. If your home is listed with another broker, please disregard this mailing.

Greeting Cards for Retired Residents
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Order Your Card Layout Today