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             Going to Buy a New Home?
Are you ready to work with a Realtor® who actually LISTENS to your needs and finds properties that match? 

Are you looking for a Realtor® who has an in-depth knowledge of the area garnered over years of professional involvement?

How about someone who DELIGHTS in finding you the house of your dreams?

LOOK NO FURTHER! These are some of the fundamental values of the membership of DESERT BOUTIQUE REALTORS®.
Fundamental Values of Desert Boutique Realtor Members. Their Experience and Knowledge Will Make Your Transaction Successful
...and Far Less Stressful
​Please Note:
Desert Boutique Realtors®, as such, does not list or sell property. Broker members of the network remain independent businesses and conduct their operations as usual. As Desert Boutique members, independent brokers have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience of other members in the network, by referral or other means. By combining ad placements for newspaper and other media, the broker network is able to concentrate client's ads as well as provide larger and more visible ones. 
What a novel idea! ads that one can actually see without a magnifying glass! 
               Time to Sell Your Home?
Do you want to list your home for sale or lease with a REALTOR® who uses INNOVATIVE MARKETING techniques, learned from years of successful real estate sales?

Are you looking for a Realtor® who has the TIME, KNOWLEDGE, AND RESOURCES to devote to the sale of YOUR home and is not spread too thin, attempting to SELL TOO MANY OTHER LISTINGS?

How about someone who PERSONALLY HANDLES THE MANY CRITICAL DETAILS OF YOUR SALE and Keeps you Informed as to the progress.

DBA members pledge to adhere to a HIGHER LEVEL of SERVICE expected of members of DESERT BOUTIQUE REALTORS®.

LOOK NO FURTHER! These are some of the fundamental values of the membership of DESERT BOUTIQUE REALTORS®.

Service as it Should Be!
Personal - Friendly - Experienced - Knowledgeable - Flexible
The Many Faces of Desert Boutique Realtors
Some of the Most Experienced and capable Real Estate Brokers in the California Desert are Desert Boutique Realtors® Members. They Service a Demanding Clientele That Expects Nothing Less Than VIGOROUS REPRESENTATION and SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSIONS of Their Real Estate Transactions. Shouldn't Every Buyer and Seller Receive The Same?...Of Course They Should

Desert Boutique Realtors® pledge to provide 
THIS HIGHER LEVEL OF SERVICE...Regardless of the Size or Complexity of the Transaction.

Newspaper advertising of clients property listings offers pricing economies, allowing Desert Boutique Realtors® members to direct advertising budgets to offer larger and/or more frequent ads. The typical ads are inserted with other members ads, within a visually defined area that draws attention to the Desert Boutique Realtors® group, and showcases the member's listings.

What a Novel Idea...
Ads you can see without a 
magnifying glass!